DNS Issue SiteGround

Hello all,

I use SiteGround for my web hosting, and Google domains for my domain. My name servers inside Google Domains are pointed to Siteground, everything works fine.

I used SiteGround’s SiteTools to add CloudFlare to my account, and as soon as I activate CloudFlare - in a few minutes my domain starts resolving to my old server on HubSpot (my old website). I turn off CloudFlare, and again the domain resolves to SiteGround. I purged all caches, SiteGround confirmed all DNS records are set up correctly, what could it be?

Just to clarify - it’s a host integration, so it’s connected to CloudFlare through CNAME and not using CloudFlare’s NS.

Please help. Thanks

You really need to ask them, as they control your configuration.

My advice is to not use hosting integrations unless there’s some super special feature they’re giving you for free.

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the only reason I use hosting integration is because tbh I’m a n00b with DNS and I wouldn’t know how to set it up properly otherwise. Because my thinking is - if I point the NS on Google Domains to Cloudflare, how will then the website pull from SiteGround? I’m confused

If you don’t use the Cloudflare integration, Siteground will have a page full of DNS records.

When you add a site to Cloudflare, Cloudflare will try to guess all of your DNS records. Any that it misses, you would have to add by hand until you get a perfect match of all your DNS records. It’s an opportunity for personal growth, and we can help get it working.

Just get that site up and running with HTTPS on Siteground without Cloudflare, take a screenshot of that DNS page there, then add your site here.

Or just let Siteground continue to shrug their shoulders on why their Cloudflare integration isn’t working.

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