DNS issue (NS not resolving after 72hrs)

Hello Amazing people.

I’m currently having issues with DNS resolving issue on my platform. https://www.flaretechmusic.com

I was reassigned this project as the previous developer had some issues running the platform.

I then migrated the site from previous host to another host by A2hosting.

I had pointed the Nameserver to the Cloudflare NS displayed on my account (drew.

megan.). However after 72hrs I noticed that traffic was still redirected to old host. I used dnschecke/org to check this.

So while debugging I used a redirect rule on my Cloudflare account to redirect traffic from non-www to www.

This resolved for a while. If a user uses www to access site they are pointed to new site.

I also checked dnschecker.org again for Flaretechmusic.com I noticed different ips. Old IP of server I also noticed that previous developer tried using Cloudflare but could not complete the process. (fred. & megan). I was able to reach out to the developer and changed DNS ip to new host ip. I also went to cpanel of old host to change A record to new host ip.

Now I’m having issues with certicate.

Above is my current nightmare.

Major Questions are.

  1. On my Domain Registrar. I have changed NS to point to my Cloudflare. I don’t understand why NS has not populated in more than 72hours

  2. How do i proceed??

  3. I have tested using multiple VPN locations. Traffic from Canada resolves to old host

Pardon my English.

Registrar Dash Ticket - NS

But it’s Drew and Megan, just as you said:

Those are the standard IP addresses typical of any site that’s :orange: Proxied by Cloudflare.

The certificate looks good to me:

If this isn’t what your site is supposed to look like, what are you seeing?


Thank you very much for your swift response, i was able to work with Host to resolve this issue

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