DNS issue Mx

I Have Changed Mx records 8 days Ago for My domain but still, it shows me no MX records found on your domain.

Now What should I do?


Avasam.co.uk is domain name.

My mx record is: avasam.co.uk 0 (priority)

Your MX record is dc-04718adccb1b.avasam.co.uk, which points to a 213. address.

Yes That’s True But i haven’t set any MX records on 213 address.
My email is suppose be on address.

When you set up your domain Cloudflare usually creates an additional entry when the MX record points to a host that is going to be proxied (otherwise the SMTP server wouldnt be reachable).

Try updating the dc-04718adccb1b host with the correct IP and it should probably fix your issue.

Okay Thanks for help Sandro

Currently your Mx record is pointing to ns1.vectonehosting.com which is almost certainly not correct. Assuming for a moment that is the correct IP address for your MTA, create a record called mail.avasam.co.uk which is :grey: in the Cloudflare DNS control panel.

Then create an MX record for avasam.co.uk which points to mail.avasam.co.uk with whatever priority you want and delete the ns1 entry because it almost surely is incorrect).

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