DNS issue (France)

Hello community,

I becoming crazy with this issue. I’m not good at all at Web management and English is not my mother tongue.

Since the beginning, any time I publish something on my website (limpensible), through Weebly, a message appears (in French): "it seems your domain settings are not configured: wait up to 48 hours for the DNS modifications.

Cloudflare hosts the Website. My IP is

I asked Weebly to host the domain to fix this issue, but it seems I precisely can’t leave Cloudflare while I have this problem. Weebly checked the propagation through Whatsmydns and it looks there is a problem (red crosses moving again and again around the world).

We talked about DNS. I have 2 A type, proxied, auto TTL. And 3 TXT type (_dmarc /// *._domainkey /// limpensible) with a “DNS only” status.
And I have 2 Cloudflare Nameservers NS type: bonnie.ns.cloudflare and lewis.ns.cloudflare ((both end with “com” but I can’t write it here because links are not allowed))

Does someone understand a thing about all of this? I don’t and a lot of people contact me to tell me they can’t access my Website.

Thank you very much,

T. Guérin

Your site appears to be configured and operating ok, and is found in public resolvers so all looks good there. It does redirect https->http which isn’t normal and may cause warnings in browsers that your site is insecure…

This seems to indicate Weebly need to see their A records in your DNS, which won’t happen as you are behind Cloudflare’s proxy. You can try to set your A records to “DNS only” which may fix that issue, but then no Cloudflare redirects or protections can happen for your site.


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