Dns issue due to cname record

I have few website which is registered on cloudflare and hosted on sitegound.

but I am facing problem with www and non www url issue. my seo plugin said that “The www and non-www versions of your URL are not redirected to the same site”

I have found same problem in my search console. Google index my non url version but with www version it wasn’t found.

I have contacted steground and they asked me to contact cloudflare. they said my cname record need to chane.

I have created a cname record of WWW but siteground said that I have to check the records that Cloudflare provided me with for the CDN and add them instead of that www CNAME record.

I am not sure how to fix this?

can anyone help

:wave: @jahin0124,

If that’s actually what they said you should ask SiteGround support to escalate you to someone who understands how their product works.

A vaguely better answer from their support. However, if that is actually the case, then they should have provided you with what that CNAME value should be. Did they? And have you configured your CNAME to that value?

– OG


Yes I have added a cname record. please check screenshot.

siteground give me this exact answer:

"The www and the A record are pointed to different destinations - if you are using Cloudflare - they will have their own CNAMES for the www.

You will have to check the records that Cloudflare provided you with for the CDN and add them instead of that www CNAME record I see here on the image"

:wave: @jahin0124,

In your screenshot the www is pointed to the root, so I am struggling to understand how those are different destinations. Now, I am just a pug who answers questions on the internet for free so perhaps I lack the level of detailed knowledge on the subject. Please feel free to share the output below with Siteground support so they can use it as a training opportunity.

➜  ~ dig electricianinwilmingtonnc.com +short
➜  ~ dig www.electricianinwilmingtonnc.com +short

Uh… no. That’s not how Cloudflare works. The support engineer should escalate to someone on his team who can explain that…

Right now hitting your root domain in a browser redirects (301) to the www version of the website. There’s nothing wrong with that… you should really just be submitting the https://www version for crawling and whatever.

If you don’t want the 301 redirect… uh… that is probably being done on Siteground’s end. And alas you’ll need to give their support engineer another opportunity to answer a question correctly.

– OG

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