DNS issue causing error 522

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I’ve recently transferred my domain to Cloudflare’s registrar as I’d like to use Cloudflare Pages to host my personal website.

However I am running into error 522 with my website and from a lot of searching I believe there’s something wrong in how my DNS config is set up.

I previously used a shared hosting provider to host my site (and email), so now with Cloudflare Pages I only need my previous hosting provider to continue handling email, hence those records.

Thanks to any eagle eyed folks for any insights into this issue!

Did you create the records pointing to your x.pages.dev domain yourself?

You need to follow the steps here to add a custom domain to a Pages project:

Thanks! Those records pointing to the pages.dev domain were autogenerated by Cloudflare. I had followed the instructions within the Pages project > Custom domains > set up a domain (see below screenshot).

One of the steps in your links docs says to configure nameservers to piont to Cloudflare’s nameservers. I didn’t do anything manually there yet, so I assumed that “If your nameservers are successfully pointed to Cloudflare, Cloudflare will proceed by creating a CNAME record for you.” was triggered which created those pages.dev records.

I’m just wondering because you have a Wildcard record (*) for your Pages project, which is not supported by Pages currently.

You also seem to have only one custom domain in Pages, but 3 separate DNS entries that point to your Pages project (@, * and www).

So can you try to delete the 3 records that point to your pages site and then remove the custom domain from Pages and add it again?

Also, your Pages site works if you open the .pages.dev domain directly?


Your suggestion of deleting those records, removing the custom domain from Pages and re-adding it worked!

Thank you, kind wizard!


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