DNS Issue causing a huge wait time?

Ok, so we have a new test site and, for some reason, it has a huge wait time before any static files or any code is run. It is inconsistent as well which is fun, but often it takes 30+ seconds just to get to the point where we start doing anything.

We use Cloudflare. The server is on Azure. Production is also using the same things but it is much much faster. I have cleared Cloudflare cache, and set it to DNS only on the CNAME.

Is there anything else I can do to be 100% certain this isn’t a DNS / Cloudflare issue?


You can temporarily bypass Cloudflare by either grey-clouding the DNS entries or using the “pause Cloudflare” option. This will send traffic directly to your origin server. Wait at least 5 minutes before testing. Post back with whether or not the issue persists when Cloudflare is bypassed.

Ok, I paused Cloudflare… still slow as all get out. I guess that is the proof I was looking for? Ugh… back to the drawing board.


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