DNS issue? can't figure out?

Ok when I go to whatsmydns it shows the OLD ip address I used a few months ago, but it’s all been changed on Cloudflare and still not working??

A franktv.us points to Automatic
A s1 points to Automatic
CNAME www is an alias of franktv.us Automatic

and when I go to whatsmydns net it comes back with

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Is your website not working?

If you change your A Record, your public Cloudflare IP addresses don’t change. They just proxy from wherever your site happens to be hosted.

Parts of it were working. And parts weren’t …

Basically instead of showing an ip address I was seeing http://s1.franktv.us/ etc.etc. instead of the IP addy

And then I found the Ip issue. And can’t seem to make the old one go away .
Basically when I ping it goes to an Old IP I had I think when I was at GoDaddy and when I came over here. the old IP addy seems to stay? but there’s nothing at Go Daddy but my Cloudflare nameservers i’m just trying to get

when i ping franktv.us I want it to say 162.xxx.xx.xx. Not 104.xxx.xx.xx
and I can’t seem to get it to stop showing the 104.xxx.xxx. etc…

Ah, with Cloudflare, franktv.us resolves to the IP address of the Cloudflare Proxy. This is what protects and enhances your website. All traffic to franktv.us hits the Cloudflare proxy server at 104.xxx.xxx.xxx. That IP address rarely changes, regardless of where your site is actually hosted. But Cloudflare knows where to reach where your site is hosted when you update that DNS entry here.

Same goes with s1.franktv.us

If you don’t want Cloudflare to proxy your site, you can set the DNS entry to :grey:. Then all traffic will go straight to your server without Cloudflare’s firewall and performance service.

Thank you . Same conclusion I came to . but was hoping there was another way around it.
but thanks. for detailed explanation… It did confirm what I thought on the 104.

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Now that I have clicked on the cloud and it’s gray, I actually made it gray for everything just to test.
but now. I’m running into a different error with the right IP addy? my www. doesn’t work now?

It seems your hosting account isn’t configured to respond to the www version of your domain. You’ll need to add that to your setup as an alias or part of the franktv website.

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