DNS issue between Cloudflare and Microsoft 365 - Cloudflare doesn't even have an option to contact them about it

This is literally the message I raised a support ticket about 8 days ago to Cloudflare and they have ignored it, even though it requires action on their part:

Bought a Microsoft 365 account. Email was previously done through GoDaddy. Called GoDaddy and they said to remove the email account so I did. To migrate across to Outlook purchased as part of the Microsoft 365 I have to register the domain in Microsoft 365 Admin Centre. Get error image no.1 when trying to do so (“studio35online.com was already added to a different Microsoft 365 organization, which is managed by GoDaddy”). Contact GoDaddy and they say as the email account with them was deleted the email is no longer active and:

“As your emails are removed from our end and the DNS of the domain is not managed at our end, that is with Cloudflare, so they will be removing the tenant for you.
They just have to remove the tenant from the DNS of the domain and it will work for you.”

So I am assuming if you do this I will be able to register the domain in the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre, which will enable me to log onto my email address through Outlook, which will enable me to contect Microsoft and get my emails pulled through using a PST file.

I raised a ticket with Cloudflare to remove this tenent and 8 days later there is still no response. Does anyone have any advice on what to do? Claoudflare is all about the manuals and the FAQ’s - basically anything to not have to have a customer service team.

Cloudflare doesn’t do any Office 365 partnership or integration for tenant management.

If it is showing an error on Microsoft’s side you would need to contact them to get the previous tenant removed if Go Daddy is unable to assist.

Cloudflare can’t remove your tenant you will need to contact Microsoft.

Hi, thanks for getting back. So even though the DNS of the domain is not managed by Godaddy but Cloudflare, they can’t do any sort of migration?

Cloudflares involvement with this Office 365 setup is limited to the DNS records. The error you are getting is nothing to do with DNS records, and nothing to do with Cloudflare.

Contact GoDaddy, get them to escalate to advanced support, and have them remove the old tenant from their systems.

Or wait a month apparently when this will happen automatically.

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