Dns issue and ssl mismatch issue

I have created a cname record in my current active domain abc[dot]co and cname record name is abc-dev1 and it is pointed to abc[dot]abc[dot]co that is working but that cname I want to point it on another domain so they can use as them subdomain like for example dev1[dot]efg[dot]com, but getting error ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH

Is you SSL certificate configured to allow subdomains? :thinking:

Did you work through the tips in the Tutorial that was linked in your original post? I’d start with the :grey: DNS Only setting on your CNAME.

Facing the same issue with my site.

Same question. Have you clicked on the link and worked through the Quick Fix Ideas?

Please give me some time I’ll check that later
Thanks :blush:


Did you find a solution to your issue? :pray:

Yes, now me site works fine and also DNS issue resolved you can also check this is my site name: 4lolipop

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I started the service Cloudflare for saas and give ssl to custom hostname, I didn’t found any better idea


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