DNS issue after domain transferred to Cloudflare Registrar


I have transferred my domain Godaddy to Cloudflare registrar and there was a successful transfer and everything is working fine.

But I’m seeing an issue after the transfer when I check my domain with Leaf DNS.

Error is also attached below,

  1. Glue vs. A record Conflict
  2. Nameserver IP Consistency

There was not any error there before the transfer.

What should I do about it or what is this?

You can ignore those. Cloudflare really should fix it, but, it won’t cause any technical issues due to Cloudflare’s implementation.

I would argue there is nothing to fix for Cloudflare. That site simply does not know how to handle more than one A record per hostname.

intoDNS: resultspot.com - check DNS server and mail server health, for example, handles that properly.

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Ahh, they do seem to be synchronized up again. They weren’t some days ago, when the third IP was added, I just assumed there was still a mismatch.

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Most/many of these services do not acknowledge that a hostname can have more than one IP address :slight_smile:

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So, I think I should not worry about that?

Nope, no problem. Even when there was a mismatch, it wouldn’t hurt you, but everything does seem to be synchronized up now.

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