DNS issue A records

I was using DNS from Cloudflare for my domain instaspot.online now A records could not be found plz help me

Kindly, navigate to the Cloudflare dashboard → Account → Audit Log to check what happened and inspect any changes / events which occured in the past. This might help you to figure out how did the DNS records dissapeared from the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name.

Furthermore, are you using eZoic ads or some 3rd-party service alongside Cloudflare? :thinking:

Anyone else having access to your Cloudflare account or is added as a “member”? :thinking:

Was your domain recently updated or in a renew/expire process?

Using the step-by-step instructions from the article below, you could re-add them again:

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This domain currently has a status of serverHold. The linked ICANN page indicates that you need to contact your registrar.

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I see Cloudflare nameservers in the whois, but the .online root nameservers do not return an answer for an NS query for this domain. They do answer an NS query for casino.online. While it is certainly worth reviewing all the standard troubleshooting steps, I wouldn’t expect to see any query results until the delegation is working in the .online root zone.

Here is a link to the DNSViz report for the domain.

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