DNS is still propagating theblackdetour.com

I’ve been having trouble propagating my DNS with my hosting provider. I was told by my provider to change all my IP addresses under the A record that still had my old IP address with my new Cloudflare IP address in the DNS management on Cloudflare. However, my site is still not propagating with my hosting provider. Was I suppose to leave my old IP address in the slot with the name localhost in the A record?

Thanks in advance for any tips or advice!!

Your best bet is to go to the Overview page for your domain in the Cloudflare Dashboard, then click the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” link in the lower right corner. This will switch you to DNS-only to make sure your server is working as configured.

The IP address in your “A” records should be the IP address of your host provider’s web server for your domain.

Thanks. I’ve paused Cloudfare and the IP address of all the “A” records are under the IP address they’ve given me. Now that Cloudflare is paused its propagating in all locations except one address should I turn it back on or leave it off?

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