DNS is set up but not resolving to the correct ip


Hi there

I am new to Cloudflare and have transferred my nameservers over today from GoDaddy. I have set up everything correctly in


Cloudfare will not reveal your origin IP. That’s intended behavior.


continued… in the DNS Records section with the following

A exampledomain.com points to forward facing ipaddress Automatic
CNAME www is an alias of exampledomain.com Automatic

When I navigate to the domain name I get a grey screen with a square sad face and the following message:

The webpage at https://.noip.me/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address

The https://.noip.me/ was used on GoDaddy as I do not have a static ip.

Can anyone suggest how to fix this please?


Sorry, was a bit quick then. :joy:

What does your DNS setup look like here?


Thanks Mark

The DNS set up is as below:


Well, either you CNAME to your dynip domain, or ensure that your A Record is updated as soon as it’s IP changes.

This could be achieved using the API, or services like DNS-o-Matic


But why would it be resolving to the noip host when there is no record of that in the DNS setting?


Whats your domain?


Hi @sandro. The domain is jiminicsflicks.com


Your setup looks all right. What exactly is the issue and which is not the correct IP? Can you post a screenshot of the error?


Hi @sandro

I think I have resolved it now.

Thanks anyway.

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