DNS is pushing to wrong IP


My DNS A records should be pushing to a justhost.com IP address, but now it’s pushing to a different IP address which makes my website stop working


Without my knowing your domain…are you sure you’re using Cloudflare’s DNS servers? If so, then you’ll have to contact Cloudflare Support to straighten this out, as it’s possible someone mistakenly configured your domain here are Cloudflare.


Thank you for your answer. That seems to be the problem here. The DNS A records are set to push to the Justhost IP address, but they are actually pushing to a different IP. Tried to call Cloudflare but there is no way to get technical support from them… I am stuck right now. Domain name is www.senorgroom.com by the way. I don’t know if this might be the issue, but I changed the name servers about 65 h ago so could it be that they are still propagating?


I just checked your domain IP and they are pointing to Cloudflare’s IP address.

Cloudflare works by pointing your domain to their server, and then forward the request to your origin server. So, even though the A/CNAME/AAAA record is not pointing directly to your origin server, the requests will still be made to your origin.

And, if you open your website, it shows JustHost parking page.


But how is it possible that my parked domain at Justhost is not showing my website, while they suggested me to use Cloudflare nameservers to set up a CDN and make the SSL Certificates available for my website?

Should I use the nameservers of Justhost again?

This is starting to frustrate me more and more… My website has been down for over 70 hours now and I need to have my business online. Cloudflare seems to have a really bad client support service and Justhost can’t help me further because I am using cloudflare’s nameservers. Hopefully someone here could help me how to get my business online again with or without the nameservers of Cloudflare.


Try going to Cloudflare DNS settings and click the orange clouds so they’re grey and you’re bypassing Cloudflare services, except for DNS. That should send requests straight to your web server.

Did your website work before using Cloudflare? Your original post said it’s going to the wrong IP address. How do you know this?