DNS is partially propagated - day 5 after NS changed

Hello, we’ve changed NS and DNS on January 19, today is January 24 and it is partially propagated.
As per dnschecker it is only propagated to few countries (“A” record )
Is there additional steps required?
We disabled the proxy and TTL set to auto ( 300 sec). Should we remove and re-add it?
Any help to troubleshoot is helpful.

What is your domain?

Better not.

It looks like you did not disable DNSSEC at your registrar before changing the nameservers.

If you follow the instructions to enable DNSSEC at Cloudflare, that should fix the problem:


WOW, that’s amazing. I can see that all the rest of the world start propagating. Thnak you for your help. Is there a tool I can use to check DNSSEC record for our other domains to see if they are matching with Cloudflare?

You can check here:

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