DNS is not working

Hello, I have made a domain and changed the nameservers to the ones provided by Cloudflare. It’s been days, and the website still doesn’t work.

What is the domain @qotaibaxd?

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It’s therealworlduni.online

It’s therealworlduni (.) online

I can’t post links for some reason.

New users have no trust level and therefore cannot. To get around this post links inside `` like therealworlduni.online

As far as I can see therealworlduni.online is using Cloudflare DNS. Have you configured the appropriate A, CNAME, and/or other records pointing to your web host?

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No, I haven’t done any records; I am trying to, but it wants me to enter an IPV4 address. Where can I get that?

I am not knowledgeable about this, and I don’t know anything about records.

Only your web host can provide those details.

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I have found the addresses on my domain host, should I add all of them or just the @(root) one for the website to work?

You will likely want @ for the root and the www.

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I added the “@” one, but it still says I should add one for www, there isn’t one for www on my domain host and I can’t add more, what do you recommend?

I figured it out, added @ and www to the records, now waiting for it to be updated.

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