"DNS is not working for www. Kindly check, as my site is giving 404 error for two days

"DNS is not working for www. Kindly check, as my site is giving 404 errors for two days. I have checked with my hosting provider cloudways, they told to contact cloudflare, please advise as its been 3 days I am getting this errors. Thanks



DNS looks all right and the site is loading fine → sitemeer.com/#https://mechstudies.com

Only thing is, it’s not proxied, so you are only using Cloudflare’s DNS service, but that’s not necessarily an issue.

main domain is www.mechstudies.com

In that case you need to talk to your host, they haven’t configured their server for your www host. This is not Cloudflare related I am afraid.

and its not opening, due to lack of www. its giving error

site is not opening,

they are trying but they are telling they can not set a record for www, error is coming. In cloudflare DNS record, underCNAME, www there is an error, which they are not able to rectify, please advise

That page comes from your host and Cloudflare can’t do anything here. If your www record is not properly configured your host needs to tell you the correct values, which you can then update. But I presume the values are correct and your server is simply not properly configured. Again, you need to talk to your host.

okkk thank you, let me talk to them now, and come back, actually I am talking to them 3 days, thank you so much, appreciate for prompt response in this critical time

under www. ’ pxys.ezoic.net’ is coming, was it a problem, I have integrated ezoic with cloudflare, is there any conflict due to this, as my hosting are telling. Hosting is from cloudways, they are telling, there is a conflict, and cloudflare can only solve it

There is no conflict, Cloudflare just tunnels the request.

okkk, let me ask them again

Actually, right now your records are not even proxied, so the request goes straight to your host.

Whatever gets displayed comes straight from your host. Cloudflare is not involved except for DNS.

thank you, I will ask them and come back, please dont close the ticket, thank you so much

This is not a ticket in the first place :wink:

oh no, may be community :d, anyways thank you soooooooooo much

Dear Sandro,

Our hosting provider was not able to set, hence, they have changed the integration through Name server, let’s check how it goes, thank you so much. In case, its not working, will come back thanks

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