DNS is not resolving for a tunnel host

Hi everyone,

I have a cloudflared on my server and have the tunnel active with about 25 different websites.

  • The websites are distributed over 3 TLD , let’s say A, B and C.
  • All websites from A and B when doing a DNS resolve the resolve to IPV4 and IPV6 addresses that belong to Cloudflare through which the websites are tunneled
  • The website C when doing a DNS resolve it resolves only to an xxxxxxx.fargotunnel.com, no IP no nothing.

I am running the latest cloudflared
I am having all A,B,C TLD managed by cloudflare
All website are Proxied through Cloudflare in the DNS setup

What could be wrong? What am I missing?

PS: It did worked, last time I checked about 1-2 months ago.

Forgot to mention (and can’t edit my post)… The website from TLD A and B work and I can connect to them. For the TLD C, I can’t connect because it fails DNS.

Tried from home, tried from Mobile network, tried from another country VPN