DNS is not propagating upon configuring the domain's CNAME to my app's domain


So we’ve had our domain configured as the following for our Cloudflare page:

Destination: $my_cloudflare_page_domain$

We’ve waited for about 30min, but the DNS wasn’t propagated.
Upon checking using whatsmydns, we’ve seen that the CNAME was not available in all regions.

The domain is registered and managed outside of Cloudflare.

I wonder what might be the issue,

When you say “managed outside of Cloudflare”, do you mean Cloudflare is not the authoritative nameserver (ie you’re using an external DNS manager)?

If this is what you meant then, from a DNS perspective, Cloudflare cannot have any impact on the CNAME not “propagating” – since Cloudflare is not the authoritative nameserver.

But even if the DNS “propagated”, the site would still likely not work because to deploy your Cloudflare Pages project to the apex domain (say example.com), it is required that you add your domain as a Cloudflare zone and configure your domain to use Cloudflare’s nameservers. This is not required when deploying to custom subdomains.

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So, isn’t there any other way of configuring a custom domain without switching to Cloudflare nameservers?

It is for the Linux Foundation, and they must have access and control over the domain in their own registry.

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