DNS is not Propagating even after 48 hour

I had changed my DNS to Cloudflare but even after 50 hour its does not propagating.
Initially my domain was linked to another account, later i changed DNS corresponding to my account.

Tried contacting hosting providers as well.

In Cloudflare, SSL status: active

But, still issue not resolved.
Can someone help?


Thankyou @sandro for quick response
My domain name

What exactly is not propagating? The DNS setup looks fine to me.

Website is not opening, showing error “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”.
I had flush my window dns.
while checking the status of my DNS over website
it show red cross

For bestengineeringprojects.com or for www.bestengineeringprojects.com? The former is not configured and you’d need to set up a record in your DNS settings, the latter does have an IP address.

Thankyou @sandro yes it seems propagating for www version.
how to add record for non www (bestengineeringprojects.com)
Thankyou very much.

Thank you very much @sandro.
it worked

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