DNS is not propagating after 36h

I updated my DNS to point to a different ipv4 on Saturday, but it is still pointing to my old ipv4. Is there any way I can manually fix this myself or do I just keep on waiting?

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If the DNS record is :orange: Proxied you will not see the change published since Cloudflare Proxy IPs are always returned. The Cloudflare Proxy will connect to the new IP a soon as you make the change.

What is the domain name and hostname in question?


Thanks for responding!

The domain name is jimmychen.xyz and I’m not quite sure how to obtain the hostname. May you provide me the steps for doing so?

The hostname is the record you are working with, such as www. It could be jimmychen.xyz which is :orange: Proxied. This means you will see the same Cloudflare Proxy IPs returned after you update your DNS to use a new IP. Traffic will flow from your vistors to Cloudflare to the origin server on the IP you have listed in your Cloudflare DNS.

I see. Turning off Proxied finally fixed the issue. Thank you!

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