DNS is already hosted by Cloudflare

I am trying to activate cloudflare through hostinger. I had did that once but due to some issue i had to delete that. But now when i am trying to install it again i am seeing the error of “Your domain DNS is already hosted by Cloudflare”. While i have completely removed the site from overview menu. It has been happening since last 2 days. While i am using the same email which was being used before. And it is not being hosted on any other email. Domain in question is www.vagarylife.com.

Normal user will change nameserver. But i cant do that cause i want to install it through hostinger. As cloudflare have partnership with hostinger. In which i didn’t had to change nameserver. DNS was managed by hostinger itself it was verified using txt file and all the other records were automatically added when installing at hostinger. And i cant find instruction to do such manually either as we have install that from hpanel in hostinger. But due to this error arrising its not working. I had added vagarylife.com manually without changing its nameserver and delete it again hoping error won’t be there. I even received a mail stating that vagarylife.com has been completely removed but this error is still there.

I don’t see that domain ever using Cloudflare name servers, so some external service already reserved your domain in Cloudflare.

Is there a reason you’re trying to use a third party integration (EDIT: Hostinger) instead of setting it up yourself in Cloudflare? Those types of integrations cause the problems you’re currently experiencing.

As i mentioned in the second para. I am trying to integrate it with hostiger. As hostinger have partnership with cloudflare we dont have to change nameserver. It uses hostinger nameserver and dns is managed by hostinger itself. While cloudflare takes content request directly form hostinger. I am using it from hostinger as thats easy. And that was i can manage settings from hpanel instead of cloudflare panel.

Oh, I totally see that. My point is that you probably did the same thing somewhere, but didn’t undo it before leaving. That’s why you’re facing this issue now, and that will happen every time you (or your host) don’t release the domain when you leave.

But if you configure through Cloudflare, that type of problem doesn’t happen. So you broke something, want someone to fix it, so you can potentially break it again. It’s not unworkable, but as you’re discovering, it’s very inconvenient.

Your choices are:

  1. Go back to that other host and un-do your integration there.
  2. Open a ticket here and see if Cloudflare can track that down and untangle it.

I had tried ezoic. I had chnaged nameserver to ezoic and had integrated it with cloudflare. But i used the same email which i am using everywhere. Could that be causing this? But i had reverted nameserver back to hostinger and deleted website from cloudflare directly. I am not even seeing authentication of cloudflare on ezoic anymore. Apart from that i have not did this anywhere else.

:exploding_head: Good luck untangling that.

i have talked with ezoic support and they have completely deleted my website. But error is still there do you have any solution?


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It sounds like you were able to fix this through some name server changes and zone updates. I’ll mark this as resolved.

Yes for this error to resolve. I updated the nameserver with cloudflare nameserver that way I was able to verify and claim the website. After it was successfully propagated I deleted the site, and changed the nameserver back. After that when I activated it through hostinger, it was successful.

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