DNS / IP pool adjustment

I have problem with a ssl

i open a ticket with Microsoft and CRM Blaze and my answer
the email is below more basically what happens and that when we access a subdomain of mine the ssl certificate is failing

|### Support Braze|7:22 AM (9 hours ago)||!

Hi team,

Secondly, because Braze does NOT have visibility or expertise in the Cloudflare dashboard, we’re unable to guide you specifically on how to “to host the relevant mail DNS records with Cloudflare instead of Azure DNS”. For this, as mentioned, Cloudflare’s support team will be able to provide better advice.

Therefore, to answer your question earlier and to repeat the points, you may not need to point the CNAME value of ablink.mkt.chama.com.br to a CDN value, but again, this can only be confirmed with Cloudflare not Braze. As mentioned, this is because Cloudflare may be using a different set-up by needing your team to host the relevant mail DNS records with Cloudflare directly.

After you’ve set this up, you should then try sending an email to yourself with a sample URL in the email. Once the email is received in your inbox, you should click to see if the link redirects you successfully. You should also confirm with Cloudflare that the link in the email is indeed going through the CDN configuration.

If it’s that ablink CNAME, then set it to :grey: DNS Only.



If your domain is chama.com.br, then that first CNAME in your picture is incorrect. The bottom one is working, though.

i need to create to ablink.mkt.chama one record in “A” using the same ip from “A” chama.com.br ?

how to mask this link to work ssl ?

If it’s for the ablink subdomain, you will need Advanced Certificate Manager.

follow evidence error

uppppp help

I am confused about what you trying to achieve here due to insufficient issue description. If you are trying to set up DNS records for SendGrid, I have set them on one of my servers - if that is the case I can look them up for you.

It looks like you need a CAA record to allow DigiCert.com to issue a certificate.

I train a CRM software that sends out Marketing Campaigns!

I’m a new analyst! more as I understand it was directed to sendgrid as it is needed by the tool!

I have 30 different records!
but I only need in this chama.com.br to use two subdomains and close the ssl to ablink.mkt.chama.com.br

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