DNS IP Compromised error

Hi here, so I get this error message: “The record exposes the IP behind mail.dylandevs.co.za which you have proxied through Cloudflare”. How can I fix this?

This message should be considered as Warning instead of Error. I believe that DNS record is related to mail, so that DNS record shouldn’t be proxied :orange: .

You may ignore this warning as you can’t avoid the fact that you are sharing the same IP across email systems and websites.

But I am not receiving mail nor can I send mail from my domain email. I am able to log into webmail though… so what might be the reason for this then? Why isn’t my mail working
frozen error message

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS page which shows all DNS records - you may censor your IP addresses before posting.

Here is a sce

enshot of my DNS records

I believe smtp and pop shouldn’t be proxied too.

Also if you have an FTP server, unproxy the ftp also.

Those are questions for your mail host. That SMTP error is being generated by your mail client / mail host which is not Cloudflare

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So I unproxied them and the issue still presists.

Then you might need to follow @cscharff advice.

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