Dns ip adress problem

When using cloudflare, a foreign IP address is used instead of the IP address used in DNS. How can I fix it because it is an IP address that does not belong to me and is not in the DNS records?

If your DNS records are proxied, the IP address you see belongs to Cloudflare and is how a reverse proxy works, see…


Bro, I know it belongs to Cloudflare, but it is not directed to my server because of the proxy. How should I change its DNS records so that it is directed to my server?

Have you set the correct DNS records in your Cloudflare DNS here?

What is the site? What problem are you having? Can you show a screenshot of your DNS records?

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The records are like this, but because of the reverse proxy, I am redirected to another IP address and I am not redirected to the IP address I use, and my SSL certificate is not verified. I am using nginx.

What are you trying to achieve? Each of your subdomains has a private IP and a public IP address for some reason. As one of them for the subdomain is proxied, Cloudflare will treat all records as if they are proxied, see…

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I just want all requests to be forwarded to my IP address and my SSL certificate to be verified.Because my real server directs to the root directory of the IP address in the reverse proxy instead of the root directory.

Let’s say my real server is directed to the root directory of the IP address in the reverse proxy instead of the root directory.

If you want requests to go directly to your server and bypass Cloudflare, delete the local (192.168.x.x) IP address records and set the other A records for 66.96.x.x. to “DNS only” instead of “Proxied”.

If you bypass Cloudflare you won’t be able to use any Cloudflare features or protections until the records are proxied again.


At that time, the records are not directed to the local IP address, my server is connected to the local IP address.

Can’t I proxy my local IP address with cloudflare?

You can’t proxy a local IP address, it is by definition “local”. If your server is on your LAN, you either need to port forward on your router from the WAN IP address to your server on the LAN, or use a Cloudflare tunnel.

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I was already aware that what I said was nonsense, so how can I use a cloudflare server or redirect it somehow and redirect the wan server to the lan server?

For port forwarding you’ll need to check with your router instructions.
For a tunnel, read the link in my post above.

well thank you by the way

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