DNS IP Addresses overwritten by Cloudflare

Hi all,

My website is www.callvu.com.

The creator of our original Cloudflare account left the company. Unable to gain access, I created a new Cloudflare account, pulled in the DNS settings and updated the Nameservers in GoDaddy.

Looks like Cloudflare copied in its own IP addresses into the new DNS records (and may have added new ones) - the site was completely inaccessible with a 1000 error code. Panicked, I switched back to the original nameservers - which I now believe changed the IP addresses in our original Cloudflare account…

So I set out to fix the DNS records I had access to (new Cloudflare account):

  • I pulled the correct IP address from GoDaddy
  • I updated A records with a Cloudflare IP address to the correct GoDaddy IP address

Now I’m no longer getting the 1000 error message, but the site that is loading for me is an ancient version and some people say they only get a “coming soon” page.

How do I troubleshoot this? Thank you for your help!

Make sure there are no other conflicting DNS records here.

It’s highly unlikely that Cloudflare cache has an ancient copy of the site, but you’re welcome to Purge Everything from Caching → Configuration.

And if that doesn’t fix it, I suggest you use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the Overview page, lower right corner, then wait five minutes to take effect. That will let you connect directly to the specified server to troubleshoot.

Thank you for the quick response! Re: your recommended toubleshooting:

I’ve been through DNS records and don’t see any conflicts. What exactly should I be looking for?

Purged the Cloudflare cache completely and still seeing old site.

I paused Cloudflare on site and waited 5 minutes. I’m still seeing the old site. Did I wait long enough? How do I know if the pause has taken?

Assuming I’ve done everything correctly and still seeing the issue, does that mean my problem lies elsewhere?


Correct. After 5 minutes, all traffic will go directly to the host you entered in DNS. You can confirm this by using your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) and looking at the Network tab of a loaded site. You’ll see Response Headers that shouldn’t include any Cloudflare headers. For example, “server” would probably say Apache or NGINX, instead of Cloudflare.

I suspect this is the case and you need to find out where your up-to-date website is hosted.

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