Dns ip address

Hi I need help my dns A records needs a new ip address how do I get a new address

I think this goes randomly and is changed due to anycast network from time to time. You cannot get a new one per request as far as I know - could be I am wrong here about it.

May I ask why do you need a new one, if so?
What’s the issue so far with the current one (or two?) given from Cloudflare when your Website is being proxied (:orange: cloud)?

Otherwise, when you change your Web hosting or a server, therefore you get a new IP and you can always change the existing (old) value under the needed and required DNS record(s) at Cloudflare dashboard with the new one by using the instructions from below article(s):

It’s giving me a error 1000 dns points to a prohibited ip it also says its resolving to an ip address that is creating a conflict within cloudflares system

I think you are doing it wrong here.

May I ask why are you putting in your A records the Cloudflare IP instead of the value of your origin host / server IP under the content for that DNS record?

See below:

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