DNS IP Address Updated

We have a URL on cloudflare where the host has moved IP address, unfortunately the change was missed and for a few days the site was unavailable.

The IP address has now been updated in cloudflare and if someone new comes to the site then they get the site correctly however any existing users is still being directed to the old IP address which gives an error.

There is no way to contact all of the old users to ask them to clear cache, use a new browser etc, is there any way to get the existing users to get the new DNS settings? The TTL for a lot of the site was very long, is it just a waiting game for the time to pass if a user doesn’t do anything?


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If your DNS records were proxied Cloudflare automatically manages the value of TTL and that’s about five minutes. If it was not proxied you could have set it to maximum a day. Of course, if their local resolver does not respect that, there is nothing you can do.

What’s the domain?

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