DNS IP Address Change


I just had a problem, I have resolved it but I am worried and wondering how it happened and do I need to change my CloudFlare password. My Hosting provider told me I had a problem, a configuration problem with CloudFlare and to make sure my DNS in CloudFlare was pointing to the correct IP Address. So I immediately looked at my site thewellbeingfarm.co.uk and it was a completely different site! So I went into the DNS in CloudFlare and changed the IP Address back to the correct one. Please tell me this isnt a major problem. It was just lucky I was working at the time and was able to fix it straight away

Check https://dash.cloudflare.com/redirect?account=audit-log if anybody had accessed your account and changed that address.

Well according to that, the last login was 27th Jan, but clearly I have logged in today and right now so maybe it isn’t updated immediately, I’ll check again tomorrow.

Well, if there is no other access, it is unlikely someone else accessed your account.

Your IP address ends in 157, right? Which other address was entered instead?

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