DNS Integrations with Public Cloud

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I was wondering if there‘s cloud provider integrations with Cloudflare DNS (especially interested in Azure for example) to change/modify records via an already made cloud-provider solution (as in not self-made and then called by script and/or api on my own).

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These cloud providers would rather you use their own DNS solutions since you would end up paying them more money that way, so no, none of them integrate with CF DNS.

Terraform is where Cloudflare has invested in this regard. It is generally seen as a good Swiss Army knife for integrations with various automation platforms (Chef, Puppet, etc) and their Cloud platform counterparts (Azure, AWS).

There are also libraries for Cloudflare integration in various languages using our API

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Nope, it would be insane to manage. Most Azure services will give you a domain name identifier for the service instance.

If you’re purely doing DNS, you could do Azure or CF. CF is better, :ok_hand:
If you’re going the proxied DNS route then things are more difficult and should be done manually.

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