DNS in our account doesn't match what is found online

In our DNS in our cloudflare account, our domain chaletbythebay.com is pointing to But, the site isn’t resolving. It’s hosted by Lodgify. The worls sees our DNS for both the @ and the www as pointing to two IPS:, and

The site was hosted with Rocket.net. They use an enterprise version of Cloudflare. We deleted the site there. They said the IPS they were using for the site when they hosted it were:

How do we find where the world is finding these incorrect IPs? How do we correct it to use our own Cloudflare DNS for the domain? Your guideance is appreciated.

David Reso

Those IPs are Cloudflare’s IPs. You see them because your site is proxied. If you don’t want to use Cloudflare, you need to change the DNS record to DNS-Only.

Your site is resolving, but showing the error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS. This usually happens if you select the Flexible SSL mode in Cloudflare. Please try changing this to Full (strict).

I’ve tried that before. Just tried it again. Still not resolving. I’ll check back with the new host, Lodgify. Thank you for the quick suggestion.

Site is working for me now.

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And it’s up. Dust had to settle. Thank you, again.

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