Dns in israel

I live in Israel and I have an Internet provider Hotnet. Cloudflare has dns servers in Haifa and in Tel Aviv, then why are distant servers used, and not Israeli ones?

Cloudflare’s DNS servers are Anycast. The same IP address is advertised in 100s of datacenters on thousands of metals. Tools like DNS Check don’t understand the concept that an IP address need not be tied to a single physical location.

it’s still unclear, because there is no such problem with other providers, for example, with “Cellcom” and “Bezeq”. And with “Hotnet” when using, it redirects either to the UK or to Germany, and because of this, there is no ping less than 200.

I didn’t write that tool and have no idea how it works (but your DNS nameservers for certainly aren’t chloe and darl). If you want to know which colo of Cloudflare’s you are communicating with you can follow the steps in this guide. Whatever colo it is, the routing is based on BGP between your ISP and Cloudflare.

I figured out what the problem is. the problem is that Cloudflare does not correctly determine geolocation by ip, it determines my location in Paris, although I do not use a vpn. I realized this after I visited several sites for ip settlement and some of them show that I am in Paris, and many correctly determine that I am in Haifa.

My real ip is, some services define incorrectly, including Cloudflare.

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