DNS Import appending domain name

I’m trying to use the DNS import feature and it’s adding my domain name on the end of every host and value and I’m not sure why, I’m using the same format that the files export in.

For example if if I import this line

_acme-challenge.website IN CNAME abc.validation.magento.cloud

The record created will be

_acme-challenge.website.mydomain.com IN CNAME abc.validation.magento.cloud.mydomain.com

The domain is already implied in the host, so then what I actually have if I verify with MXtoolbox or a 3rd party tool is a record for _acme-challenge.website.mydomain.com.mydomain.com (notice the domain is there twice) pointing to the value which ALSO has the domain appended where it shouldn’t have been.

Am I going crazy?

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Nope. That behavior is expected in a zone file. What we call example.com is really example.com. It is particularly important to make sure the ending dot is present, or it will be presumed to be a short name that should end with the zone name.

The full rules are more detailed, but you should be safe if you use FQDNs snd end with a dot.

Ahh- much appreciated. I will be sure to pay more attention to the dots (or lack thereof) in the future

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