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Totally stumped. We use UK2 to host our website and emails. However, we now cannot send anything to Gmail users. They have redirected me to Cloudflare who apparently host our DNS. I have never set up an account with Cloudflare before. So I’m here for some help. I am not technical in any way. I am a gym owner with a website. Really struggling to sort this out and losing potential customers as a result. Any help appreciated.

"Gmail have recently introduced tighter filters when it comes to email and made it harder for unathenticated domains to reach their recipients.

Unfortunately, as your DNS is hosted externally(Cloudflare), I am unable to add these records for you, and you need to ask your DNS provider (Cloudflare) to add the TXT DNS records for you.

As these are DNS changes, it can take up to 48 hours to propagate, so after this time, you will be able to send emails from your domain without them going to recipients spam / be blocked by the recipients server."

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Security wise, it sounds like we might have a problem that we might not be able to solve “quickly”.

I would ask around among your employees, for who may have had configured Cloudflare previously. It would be someone whit access to e.g. the domain registrar (e.g. the place you ordered your domain name).

The stuff mentioned over there, might be your only alternative, unless you’re (internally) able to find other ways to proceed.

For this specific part, -

While adding DKIM and/or SPF is a very good idea, and may improve email deliverability, it does NOT guarantee that your emails actually will be reaching the inbox, or otherwise eliminate the potential of going to spam / getting rejected completely, as “without them going to recipients spam / be blocked” might indicate.

If none of your employees are able to help, - you can however try entering your domain name over here:


and monitor your inbound email stream, to see if you receive anything.

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