DNS hosting.gitbook.com

I can’t connect subdomain docs.creater.ru with CNAME hosting.gitbook.io. “SSL Error. An error occurred while provisionning your SSL certificate” with check domain on gitbook.com. They support said: " I’ve been looking into this, and the problem seems to be something at the Cloudflare level. Do you use Cloudflare to host DNS for creater.ru? If so, you may need to contact Cloudflare first to make sure that your billing situation is all set.".
Please, help me. What should I do?

Hi @avluzenin,

All we can really recommend here is that you follow the documentation and make sure your CNAME is :grey:.

As it’s an error with them provisioning your cert, I think they would have to be the ones to reach out to Cloudflare from their account.

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