DNS Hosting and Domain Registrar nameserver change affects

I’ve subscribe to separate entities for DNS Hosting and Domain Registrar. There are several Application’s subdomain contained inside the DNS Hosting record not just website.

When i want to use Cloudflare CDN service they require me to change the nameserver on the Registrar after they list the DNS record that they found.

So my questions are,

What will happen to my previous DNS Hosting after i change the nameserver on Registrar to Cloudflare’s?
Is there any downtime? because there are several Application server attached to the subdomain in the DNS record.

Really appreciate if someone could help me on this.

Hi @secondcrm.media,

When you change your nameservers to Cloudflare, they will provide your DNS. As long as you copy all the DNS records over to Cloudflare and set any that need to bypass Cloudflare’s services to :grey: then there should not be any downtime.

If you are using SSL, you will probably want to set all the records to :grey: until the certificate status shows active on the SSL/TLS app of your dashboard, once it does, you can then switch to :orange: anything that you want Cloudflare’s protection on (please note, you shouldn’t proxy any records used for anything other than HTTP(S) e.g. mail and FTP should be :grey:).

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I have a wildcard ssl set on my domain. then should i set all the record to :grey: is it?

You can set them to :grey: until you have an active certificate on Cloudflare, then if you want the security / performance benefits, you can switch those that can to :orange:.

how about my mail server that is currently on my DNS provider?

No, only HTTP(S) traffic can be proxied so not anything like mail or FTP. Those should be left :grey:.

Sorry. what i meant was. how my mail server will get effected after changing the nameserver? because the current nameserver are provided by my DNS provider and the mail server is hosting on their side right now.

Oh, I see. Sorry!

As long as you have all the DNS records you had with your host with Cloudflare now, it should work OK.

You should likely have either:

An MX record pointing to your mail host


An MX record pointing to a subdomain like mail.example.com and then an A record (:grey:) for mail pointing to your server’s IP.

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Understood. So now i just need to completely follow all the DNS record from my current DNS provider to Cloudflare DNS right?

Yes, just make sure they are all copied across. :slightly_smiling_face:. Leave them all as :grey: when you change the nameservers and your site should work as before. Then, you can switch to :orange: hostnames that you want Cloudflare services on.

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Alright. Thank you! :blush: I will proceed with the changes.

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hi @domjh . I have one record Type SOA contain my current DNS-provider data. Should i include that also in Cloudflare DNS?

No, you shouldn’t add the SOA, Cloudflare will add one automatically, I believe.

thank you very much @domjh

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