DNS hosting access

Our website DNS zone is hosted by chloe.ns.cloudflare.com. how do we retrieve admin username and password to manage DNS Zone?

This was created by a person who is no longer in the company and we are not sure about username and password. is there a contact number where we can call?

Did he use his own personal email address to create Cloudflare account? Or he used organization email address?

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Hello There,

Thanks for your response.

Not too sure about this. the who is lookup to domain suggest that Name servers belongs to Cloud flare.

I am looking for support contact or something to check if cloud flare can provide some information.

Hi @user73612,

If you can access the email address on the account and reset the password, support could help you remove 2 factor authentication on that account, however if you have no access at all they will not be able to give out info about the domain/account. Is it possible to look back through company email logs and find any emails from Cloudflare and what address they went to?

If you can’t find any info and access the account, you will have to set it up again in a new account.


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