DNS history logs

Yesterday, our website was down. After checking, we noticed that there were 2 duplicate records of our main URL in our DNS section, both pointing to different IPs. We remove one record and it returned to normal.
We would like to know how this new record appeared. Usually, when my staff or my web host accesses cloudflare with my credentials, I receive a notification in my emails. But this time, I didn’t receive any. So I don’t know how this happened.
Was it automatic? Was it from Cloudflare staff?

If it wasn’t there when you set up your domain here, Cloudflare certainly didn’t add it later on.

Definitely not that.

You can check the Audit Log from dash.cloudflare.com

If you use Ezoic, it’d most likely be them. Someone had to have used your password or API key to add that record.

exactly what i needed!
indeed, someone accessed my cloudflare without me receiving email notifications. not cool… hmm
thank you Sdayman!

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