DNS hijacked

I’m having issues with DNS for my domain blucakez.com. I’m using Cloudflare so I can create a CNAME to track links and pixels through ClickMagick. For some unknown reason my URL is taking me to ClickFunnel’s home page instead of my site. A friend of mine and I went through Bluehost, ClickFunnels, and Cloudflare and troubleshot every issue and compared my setup to his which is working fine. Everything is pointing to my site but Whenever I use my domain it goes to ClickFunnels. I’ve deleted my Clickfunnels Plugin through WP on Bluehost’s platform, re-added it, same issue. I even removed my domain from Cloudflare and no luck. I deleted my account and registered a new account with a different email and I’m still having the same issues. Please help.

This is a common problem when hosts don’t clean up after themselves. You’ll have to contact Clickfunnels and ask them to completely remove your domain from their Cloudflare integration.


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