DNS Hijack

My domain is hosted at Thryv.com and I have a DNS A record for remote.impactlightinginc.com at that location. Remote.impactlightinginc.com has been hijacked and is pointed to and at Cloudflare.com. I am not a Cloudflare customer and need to have these two A records deleted from the Cloudflare.com DNS server.

You’re not a Cloudflare customer? If you’re the owner of the IMPACTLIGHTINGINC.COM domain, you’ve pointed your domain to Cloudflare’s name servers.

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I have contacted our hosting provider, Thryv.com, to determine if they updated the nameserver records to point to Cloudflare. They have provided a print-out of all of the DNS entries for impactlightinginc.com, and remote.impactlighting.com. There are no records for remote.impactlightinginc.com that point to or There is a single A record pointing remote.impactlightinginc.com to, which is the correct public IP. I will await the response from Thryv.com.

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