DNS help with WPEngine

We have switched NS records from Enom to Cloudflare sean.ns.cloudflare.com and tess.ns.cloudflare.com over 3 hours ago and still nothing is converting (MX records) showing up

We contacted WPEngine and they said the DNS in cloudflare is most likely not setup correctly. We setup two CNAME records, and no A records.

CNAME: lendsmartmortgage com lendsmart.wpengine com Proxied
CNAME: www lendsmart.wpengine com Proxied

We have little Cloudflare experience and need help configuring Cloudflare and taking this site live today

Not sure what this means. Any records not in Cloudflare’s dashboard would need to be added by you. However a DNS lookup for your Mx record against Cloudflare’s nameserver you specified succeeds, so. it appears to be there.

DNS resolves to Cloudflare IPs, what problem are you having?

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