DNS Help with deleting TXT files

I was getting help with Mailerlite on merging all my SPF records. I read to delete all my TXT files in the DNS area and now realize this was wrong. I can’t get help from Cloudflare apparently because I don’t pay them enough money and I have no idea what to do because I don’t know what the TXT files were. I just have a screenshot of all my DNS records before I deleted stuff.

Just type those back in to your DNS settings. If it doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact your mail provider to ask them what values to set.

I can’t see all of the TXT record, just some of it. Also, my mail provider told me to reach out to Cloudflare bc the other files were not with them.

You can check your audit log as that should show the records when you deleted them…

Awesome thanks!
So I would just use the name I see and the content in each report then, to add the TXT record back?

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