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We need the login credentials to the Cloudflare account that uses norm.ns.cloudflare and *venus.ns.cloudflare Nameservers

When I tried sign-in here before its pointing to a different Name Server [hugh.ns.cloudflare and zita.ns.cloudflare

Can someone tell me where this information is for someone that has never used this system before as it was setup by a guru…

Hi @user3041, welcome. Working backwards from nameservers will be really difficult, plus a couple of things to note - this is a Community of users, most folks here cannot see your account and those of us that can, can’t help you much based on the details you’ve shared. Next, Cloudflare support is always available, but they can only work with the registered account owner. Sorry.

But, the Community does help folks go from getting started with cloudflare to operational with cloudflare.

Maybe, can we start with the name of your domain? Next, what is it that you’d like to accomplish (add records, adjust settings, etc.)?

Around the site, the :search: box is helpful, as are all of the #Tutorials for getting started and the #CommunityTip for troubleshooting problems.

Edit - I did a bit of research and see your ticket and ticket history. Ultimately, to control the domain you’ll need to either gain access to the original account or you’ll need to add the site to your current account and then contact your domain registrar (shown on your October ticket) and ask them to change the nameservers to the two in your current account. Once we detect the change of name servers, the site will show as moved from the other account and will be active in your current account.

Edit good resource here https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/204615358-Moving-domains-between-Cloudflare-accounts

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