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I create a account cloudfare for my web site my domain
My site : https://eglise-saint-sauveur.strasbourg-ouest.fr

But when I connect to my site I have this error message :

I put cloudfare DNS in my webhost acccount
-> This is OK

In my account cloudfare I have
AAAA strasbourg-ouest.fr (IPV6)
A strasbourg-ouest.fr (IPV4)
CNAME www is an alias of strasbourg-ouest.fr

I do this change more than one day, so it must be works

What can I do ?
A great thanks for you help

Best regards

Your Cloudflare DNS does not have an entry called: eglise-saint-sauveur
It should either be a CNAME or an “A” record with your correct IP address:

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A put CNAME eglise-saint-sauveur is an alias from strasbourg-ouest.fr

I have an another error :

So I change SSL Flexible to Full

An now it OK

Thanks a lot for your help

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