DNS has not fully propagated in over 263 hours

I am only have this issue with one domain. Only difference is, this domain is at Name Cheap. I’ve doubled checked the NS records, everything in Cloudflare says it’s connected. it’s propagated in some areas not others, been over 263 hours.

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Our :crystal_ball: is out for repair. If you share your domain name, Community members can help you with their findings.


Sure, here’s the client domain divinelightscapes dot com. Thank you for any insight into this issue, registrar and host claim there is no problem.

Kind regards.

You have left DNSSEC enabled while changing the nameservers…

Either disable DNSSEC at your registrar (easiest to get things working), or enable it on Cloudflare and copy the DS records from the dashboard to the registrar.


Problem happened when we transferred the domain from Google Domains to Name Cheap, and then updated name servers to Cloudflare.

Under the domain settings it shows the DNSSEC is disabled. I’m not seeing any DS recrods on the registrar side.

DNSSEC was still enabled when I posted above (see the link which gives the WHOIS and DS records), but is now showing as disabled. The domain should now be active in Cloudflare…


Strange, I did enable and then disabled when the DS records were looking for input. Maybe that did it.

Thank you for the help sjr, very much appreciated!

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