DNS has changed / emails not working

My email has been down for nearly a day now.
My host changed servers and DNS has changed.

I’ve changed all of my “A” records to new IPS
I was told to NOT ‘proxie’ my Mail and Webmail records and MX.(lv as DNS only) but I am still not getting emails.

I am a solopreneur and NOT an IT person. Can anyone help?

What’s the domain?

Seems correctly for me. Are you sure the IP-Address for mail.peak-careers.com is correct? The IP im getting with a DNS DIG starts with “70.39.xxx.xxx” is this correct?

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Yes, host has confirmed and from their end, looks good. Just still not getting emails :frowning: I must have somethign simple wrong

Does the A record for “localhost” need to changed? it says DNS ONLY and I did not change that one at all from when they moved my website to a new server

I dont think i understand what you mean with localhost record. But i dont think this Record has something to do with your Mail Problem either. Your Domains MX Record correctly shows mail.peak-careers.com
and this resolves to the Correct IP. How do you check for new Emails?

I have an “A” record called “localhost” and is a different IP address than my last server and my current server.

I check my email on my computer and my I-Phone by hitting ‘refresh’

I was told to make my MXmail.peak-careers.com” as “DNS Only” in Cloudflare.
is that correct?

Yes this is correct. Please try to look for new E-Mails in your Webmail. When new E-Mails are showing there we know its a Client Problem

Kindly, may I ask have you checked the suggestions from the below article?:

Moreover, if you created an A mail record with the content value of your IPv4 hosting provider and made it :grey: cloud (DNS only), then in your e-mail client, like MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. you should use mail.peak-careers.com as incommming/outgoing server.

Also, an MX peak-careers.com should have the content value of mail.peak-careers.com.

Are you sure your e-mail server is actually working and listening on needed ports for SSL connection (110, 143 and 25 yes)?

This looks good:

Can you actually send/receive some e-mail? If so, try sending a test one to this one tool here and see the results:

thank you everyone… I got a Cloudflare disciple at my Hosting company and he was able to walk me through it.


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