DNS glitch issues

hello everyone,
which of these record should I add to my DNS record, because I manage to resolve some mailing issues now, and I felt maybe there are some record to check, please guys kindly check these screen shots

To make your e-mail functional, please re-check and make sure your A mail record is :grey: instad of being :orange: :wink:

Moreover, make sure you have MX record for yourdomain.com pointed to mail.yourdomain.com (A record that is :grey:).

Mx record set,but at the moment these are my settings

outlook mail is working perfectly.

You are using Office 365 email, and the MX record looks OK. On your Office 365 admin panel you will find a tool that checks that the correct DNS records have been created.

You have a DNS record for “mail” that appears to just redirect to your website on www, so not sure what purpose that serves.

You have no SPF record, no DKIM records and no DMARC records. You should read Microsofts documentation on this, and consider implementing these features.

ok, let me check the link because I don’t think the above is part of the DNS record

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