DNS ghs.googlehosted.com

I have a google hosted site and need to add a CNAME type WWW pointing to ghs.googlehosted.com.

which should include the “.” at the end as per Google instructions.

The problem is when I add the address and Save, the “.” is removed from the entry. This results in my domain not forwarding to my Google site.

As a work around, I have had to add a page forwarding rule, but I would like to avoid using the rule and use the CNAME entry instead.

my domain is www.101cc.com.hk
I changed the CNAME to DNS only .
Same… i can’t to use

This is not a DNS issue. Your site loads fine → sitemeer.com/#https://www.101cc.com.hk

You do have a security issue on Cloudflare though as you chose an insecure legacy encryption mode. Change that to Full Strict and you can proxy again and it will work.


thanks for your help.
it is working now.

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Pleasure, you did not change the encryption mode yet though.

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