DNS geolocation + load balancing of IPs (not CDN)

Hi there,
My question only concerns DNS, absolutely not anything behind an IP (CDN, etc) since we handle this ourselves.

To host our websites we have servers in 3 datacenters: San Francisco, London, and Sydney.
Each website has at least 2 servers in each location (scales to more than 2 upon overload).
So this is a total of 6 servers per website.

If a user requests OurCompany.com from New Zealand it should return then one of the 2 IPs in Sydney.
If a user requests OurCompany.com from Toronto it should return them one of the 2 IPs in San Francisco.
“One of the two” means randomly but based on distribution percentage (typically 50% for each IP).

In other words we need both:

  • Geolocation or Latency based selection of a group of IPs (e.g. Sydney is a group, London is another group)
  • AND loadbalancing of IPs within each group.

Of course if everything is down in Sydney, the user in New Zealand will get an IP of London or San Francisco.
And we will need to command this via API, for example to remove an IP that is down or add one to scale (need very low TTL).

I created a free CloudFlare account just to test the features but I cannot see any of these. Can CloudFlare do this and where would this be?

https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000540888-Load-Balancing-Geographic-Regions is probably what you are after.

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Thanks Sandro. It looks like it could be this yes, but I cannot find that anywhere in the interface. Where would this be? I am in the DNS section and I don’t see much there, only very basic options.

Should be under https://dash.cloudflare.com/redirect?zone=traffic

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